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LaVonne Hand

Mountain View, CA


A great painting goes beyond merely capturing a likeness of the landscape, still-life, or object. As paint is applied to the canvas an opportunity to enhance the essence of the emotion felt is enabled through composition, color, brush strokes, and a heightened luminous energy contrasted by shadows.
LaVonne wants to have her viewer feel the emotion she feels about each painting; whether it be love, passion, freedom, comfort, whimsy, warmth, power, serenity, beauty, tenderness, etc.
“Sometimes the name of the painting comes to me before I even start, and at other times it is revealed while bringing out the essence of each work of art. The pitcher of Cranberry Raspberry Juice Cocktail said, “Refreshing” to me. “Wild and Free” revealed itself as I was painting the horses’ wild mane and bringing out the dynamic nature of his spirit.”
If her viewer would like to live in the “English Cottage” because it looks so cozy, cheery and bright, nestled in an English country-side full of greenery and beauty, LaVonne has met her intentions of relaying the feelings about that scene.
“I am very fortunate and grateful to have so many friends, coaches, and genuinely enthusiastic people in my life who have helped and encouraged me in this fascinating endeavor.”  

Studies Under:

Stefan Baumann, a renowned landscape artist from Shasta
who has his own PBS show on Create TV Network,
[The Grand View’s “America’s National Parks”]

Exhibitions, Displays, and Shows:

Grand View Art Club Exhibition at Sunnyvale Art Gallery

Silicon Valley Open Studios at Sunnyvale Art Gallery

On Going – Display at Sunnyvale Art Gallery

Display at Los Altos Library

Exhibition at Ameriprise Financial

Art Walk Exhibit - Grand View Fine Art Society - Shasta City


Gary's Horses by LaVonne Hand


Dusty Our Handsome Norwegian Forest Kitty by LaVonne Hand


Dusty by LaVonne Hand


Lac Fortune Gatineau Park Quebec by LaVonne Hand


Past Prime by LaVonne Hand


Dayglow Raccoons by LaVonne Hand


Jamie's Swan by LaVonne Hand


Clinker Wall by LaVonne Hand


Athabasca Falls by LaVonne Hand


Cheetahs by LaVonne Hand


Beyond Banana Nut Bread by LaVonne Hand


Wild and Free by LaVonne Hand


Metal Cat by LaVonne Hand


Nested Cats by LaVonne Hand


Anamorphic Chinese Pagoda by LaVonne Hand


Victorian House by LaVonne Hand


Lavender Vase by LaVonne Hand


Birds of Paradise by LaVonne Hand


Two Birthday Party Cats by LaVonne Hand


Birthday Party Cat by LaVonne Hand


Cloisonne Cat by LaVonne Hand


White Egg Study by LaVonne Hand


Brown Egg Study by LaVonne Hand


Dappled Horse in Stormy Light by LaVonne Hand


Blue Herons Mating Dance by LaVonne Hand


Metal Crane by LaVonne Hand


Huntington Chinese Gardens by LaVonne Hand


Red Bud Tree by LaVonne Hand


Refreshing by LaVonne Hand